Minutes of a Meeting of the History Graduate Students' Committee
March 5, 2014
Louis Loft, 10:00 am

Present: Dustin, Glenn, Katya, Erin, Michelle, Laura, Frances, Anne, Fedir, Cynthia

1.0 Welcome
Erin opened the meeting at 10:01AM.

2.0 Approve Minutes
Laura moves that section 5.2 of the minutes should "GSA VP-Academic" rather than simply "GSA". Seconded by Anne and approved unanimously by the committee.  

3.0 New Business
3.1 Linda's Retirement (discussed in camera)

3.2 GSA Report (Laura)
Laura wished to put forth a non-confidence motion regarding the TransformUs process; GSA executive removed the motion from the agenda. Laura then put the motion forward again, to ask council to put the motion on the agenda; the motion was defeated 18-12 and was thus never placed on the agenda.

Laura explained that the motion would have made a statement regarding the process in its current form; she outlined in her motion the lack of transparency, effective graduate student representation in the process, and poor execution of the consultation process. Laura will provide the HGSC with a copy of the motion. 

At University Council, where the GSA President represents grad students, he spoke against the non-confidence motion put forward by the faculty council.

The health and dental fee is going up 5%.

The second GSA U-PASS referendum resulted in a vote in favour of a regular semester pass (Sept-April) but not a summer pass. People are unsure of whether or not the U-PASS is available for this summer.

GSA research conference starts tomorrow; Gala tickets $20 until Thursday, after that they're $40.

Dustin moved that the HGSC does not approve of the manner in which the GSA Executive reacted to and handled Laura Larsen's motion. Seconded by Michelle Desveaux.

Laura would like to amend the motion to say that "The History Graduate Students' Committee disagrees with the handling of the motion because all motions should be debated by council as the representative body of graduate students". Motion adopted unanimously by the HGSC.     

3.3 Financial Report
Dustin reports that we have approximately $1030.00 in the bank, with about $130 to leave the account for operational expenses. He has finished organizing the old receipts and bank statements. He would like to add that the documents are open for reviewing if any member of the HGSC should wish to do so.

4.0 Old Business

4.1 Book Pub (March 28) - Michelle
Erin has printed off a form letter for canvassing. We still need some people to canvass on 8th street and centre mall (Cynthia and Frances have volunteered), University Campus (Glenn), and other areas. Graduate students should donate services such as babysitting, research, etc.

Michelle is compiling a list of donations from graduate students.

For liquor, Michelle will look into the HGSC having any leftovers, and we need food for about 45-50 people. Last year we spent about $630 (according to the ledger) on drinks and food.

Dustin moves that we spend $600 towards the book pub, seconded by Erin. All in favour.

Bill Waiser and Jim Miller have some books to donate; professors can drop off books in the 6th floor or at McLean hall (Michelle/Laura/Anne's office). Mark Meyers will be auctioneer this year.

We should start advertising ASAP, as well as letting Michelle know about your donations.

4.2 Funding Workshop
Erin discussed a funding workshop with Martha Smith-Norris, who will organize one towards the end of the month. She and Lisa Smith could be presenting at it, and they'll let us know about a date later on. Erin will let the committee know further details later.    

4.3 PhD Workshop?
Kelly Butler is interested in presenting a paper but we don't have a firm date yet (possibly April). Frances is also interested in presenting a paper.  

5.0 Other Business
5.1 MA Colloquium
The MA Colloquium went well, turnout was good, and the atmosphere was very collegial and inviting. There were good comments and criticism of papers but the MA students performed very well.  

5.2 Varia
Michelle would like to congratulate Katya for the DeBrou lecture, and Dustin for the U-PASS campaign. Active History.ca wants to put the lecture on their site, and we will cross-post it on our research blog.

Dustin proposed that the HGSC undertake an evaluative survey with all history graduate students to see whether or not we are responding to their needs. He will draft a survey and we will discuss it at the next meeting. We'll probably use Fluidsurvey or SurveyMonkey as a platform for the actual survey.   

Laura also proposed that we start transition planning for next year before the summer so that we're ready for September.

Erin would again like to encourage students to contribute to the HGSC research blog; the blog which we have used to replace the old website has been receiving lots of hits lately which is good news. Most of the hits are from Canada but we are getting some attention from the United States as well. Erin proposed that we do profiles on graduate student researchers for anyone who is interested.   

6.0 Adjournment
Cynthia moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Fedir. All in favour. The meeting was adjourned at 11AM.

Next Meeting April 2, 2014, 10AM, Louis Loft.  
HGSC Meeting
February 5, 2014
Louis Loft 10:00 am

Members present:
Erin, Laura, Glenn, Dustin, Jessica, Katya, Anne (via Skype), Fedir

Absent: Frances, Michelle, Robert

1.0 Welcome
Erin opened the meeting at 10:05AM.

2.0 Approve Minutes
Previous meeting minutes need to be amended to show Frances as not present at meeting due to technical difficulties.

3.0 New Business

3.1 Book Pub
We need to choose a date for the book pub. Friday March 28, 4PM-7PM is the proposed date. Erin will draft a form letter and we'll decide who will take which areas.

Jessica will verify the GSA availability for the date. An email will be sent out ASAP to the department with regards to the date and soliciting donations. 

3.2 Funding Workshop
Funding beyond SSHRC -- Erin will talk to Martha with regards to a workshop that outlines various funding opportunities.

March 5th or 12th would work. Anne and Erin will be in charge of organisation.  

3.3 GSA Award Nominations
The GSA would like to receive more award nominations from Arts. See if you can nominate somebody; think about nominating your supervisor.

3.4 Financial Report (Dustin)
We have about $1050.00 in the bank currently; Dustin is busy organising the files in the folder and checking up on old transactions.

4.0 Old Business

4.1 Saskatoon Heritage Festival
Dustin reports the Festival was a success; we spent about $85.00 on registration, printing, and advertising for our booth. Over 150 people came to see the research that grad students are doing at the department; he recommends that the HGSC participate in the festival next year as well. 

The Saskatoon branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society would like us to participate in their open house on February 20th. Erin, Jessica, Glenn, Laura, and Cynthia will take care of this.

4.2 Online Presence Workshop
We need to advertise for the event (send out emails, make posters, etc.); Jessica will design a poster.  

4.3 PhD Workshop (Anne)
So far nobody has indicated that they'll be doing a workshop; Jessica may have something ready for April. Laura may have a paper ready for the end of March also.

4.4 Conference Update
Michelle submitted a proposal (as requested) in December, which was discussed by the graduate committee in January. We've been informally given permission to go ahead with it, as long as it's in September and not in spring.

4.5 MA Colloquium
MA Colloquium to be held on February 25 at the Diefenbaker Centre, 9AM-2:30PM; the invite hasn't been sent out yet so we're not sure about numbers. Coffee, lunch, and refreshments will be served.

Cynthia will email the MA students so that we know our numbers.  

5.0 Other Business

5.1 Research Blog
Jessica will send out another message regarding the research blog; Erin will update the HGSC blog. People need to try to contribute a little more; Erin mentioned that Jessica is doing an excellent job with the twitter account and the committee thanks her for all of her work in developing our online presence.

5.2 TransformUS (Laura)
Feedback is official closed for the TransformUS. On February 7, 4PM, GSA-VP Academic is having a dinner meeting with regards to the process. Laura is wondering if anyone is interested in attending; Anne would like to go.

The agenda is not yet out for the next GSA meeting.

Cynthia reports that most of the MA students in the first year will be voting against the UPASS for graduate students. Dustin is part of the official UPASS "Yes" campaign.

5.4 GSA Conference
The VP academic noted that we need more proposals, about 2 weeks before the deadline. Apparently the VP academic is looking to amalgamate all of the history proposals into one panel; we will recommend that there be two concurrent sessions instead.

Tickets are on sale for the gala if you want to attend the gala but not the conference.

5.5. DeBrou (Katya)
Katya will be printing more posters; she's looking for recommendations as to where to put them up.  

5.6 Department Website Bios
If you haven't sent in your biography for the department website, please do so; we encourage all grad students to increase their online presence.  

6.0 Adjournment
Cynthia moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Katya with all in favour. The meeting was adjourned at 10:48AM.  

Next Meeting: March 5, 2014, 10AM, Louis' Loft.

HGSC Meeting
Louis' Loft, University of Saskatchewan
January 8, 2014

Present: Robert, Michelle (via Skype), Dustin, Glenn, Laura, Erin, Katya, Fedir, Frances (via Skype), Jessica (via Skype), Anne (via Skype), Cynthia

1. Opening
Erin opened the meeting at 10:09AM.

2. Approval of December 3, 2013 minutes
Katya moved that the minutes from last meeting be approved. Laura seconded, all in favour.

3. Future meeting dates
HGSC meetings this semester will be held Wednesday mornings (first Wednesday of every month). Next meeting will be held on February 5 at 10AM, Louis' loft. 

4. Aboriginal History hiring
Interviews for the three candidates for the Aboriginal history position begin this Friday (Jan. 10). We need to try to have a stronger showing from grad students, especially for the lecture and graduate student meetings.

Jim Miller wants written feedback sent to him with our views on the candidates.

5. Pub night
We should move pub night to a new venue where there is more room for everyone because the Yard is too small for large groups. Choices are Finn's, Winston's, or the Hose.  

Erin moved that Finn's be the new venue for pub nights, seconded by Robert. All in favour.

Finn's will be the new venue. If it turns out that Finn's isn't great, we'll move pub nights to another venue.

Next Friday (January 17th) will be our first pub night of the year.  

6. Workshop on Online Presence
Frances isn't here to discuss this workshop so we'll talk about it next meeting.

7. PhD Workshops

8. MA Colloquium
Cynthia has received emails from most MA students and we should have more concrete plans soon.

9. Beach-themed party/pool party
Erin suggested that we do some sort of pool party at the Shaw Centre. Michelle or Jessica will look into it (costs, dates, etc.) and we can plan it later if we go head with it.

10. TransformUS Discussion (Laura)
TransformUS reports came out at the beginning of December (1for academics, 1 for services).

History did fairly well (second quintile) except for CMRS, which was in the fourth quintile. Women's and gender studies also didn't do well which may have implications for our department. There's been a fair bit of grumbling from various departments and colleges with regards to the rankings and the committee has indicated that the rankings are not set in stone since they aren't perfect.   

Nothing will be phased out immediately, and no changes will be made to the academic side of things until next semester or next year. Services side will see changes immediately, with more consolidation of administrative support and major changes to facilities management. Mid-level administration will be streamlined as well with some positions being eliminated.   

If you have thoughts about this, you should go to the student meetings and town halls. You can also talk to Laura, or use the websites (there's feedback forms which you can use). It is important that if you have feedback, you give it, because TransformUS is supposed to be a consensus-based process.

Students outside of History can also talk to Laura as she not only represents our department but the GSA on the committee.   

11. Varia
We received a letter from the Heritage Festival of Saskatoon asking the HGSC if we are interested in having a booth set up at the Saskatoon Heritage Festival on February 2nd, 12PM-5PM. The charge is $50 for early registration.

We could showcase graduate student research or other department work being done.

Katya suggested that we have something there in order to advertise for the De Brou lecture. We'll need to have a poster printed and little flyers to hand out; Jessica says that GIS can probably do it. Dustin will contact the festival organisers and discuss options.    

12. De Brou Lecture Budget
Money should be earmarked for advertising and food (coffee, sweets, etc.).

Laura moved that the budget be $100, Glenn seconded. All in favour. We can pay for the registration fee for the Heritage festival from this amount.   

13. Adjournment
Glenn moved that the meeting be adjourned, Laura seconded. All in favour.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:47AM. 


HGSC Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2013
Louis' Loft, 4:00PM

Present: Glenn, Erin, Dustin, Jessica, Laura, Michelle, Katya, Frances, Cynthia

1.0 Welcome
Erin opened the meeting at 4:02PM.

2.0 Approve Minutes
The part on Linda Dietz needs to be taken out of the November 12 minutes for the HGSC website so that she doesn't see it by accident.

Previous minutes need to be revised for style. Laura motioned for the minutes to be accepted, Jessica seconded. All in favour.    

3.0 New Business
3.1 Meetings schedule for New Year
Erin will be sending out a doodle poll to check everyone's availability for the New Year. Please be sure to check your email.

3.2 GSA Report
Laura had to leave the last meeting early. There were presentations at the beginning so by the time she left they had not yet gotten to the meeting's business.

Cynthia reports that the GSA will have to spend about $15 000 for their upcoming audit. It wasn't done before because one treasurer forgot to follow up on it, and the year following the treasurer didn't care. Because the portfolio has been left so long, we are left with this cost. 

Support letters are due by December 13th for the Saskatchewan Tax Credit for grad students; the GSA wants support letters in favour of this from various grad groups.

Cynthia moves that Erin writes a support letter, Michelle seconds it. Jessica says that someone else should do it because Erin does everything. Laura and Erin will now write the letter together.   

The GSA sent out their conference call for papers.

3.3 Conference proposal (Michelle)
Michelle has drafted a plan for our upcoming conference and we are very excited about it. She has done a super impressive job.

The idea behind the conference is to have a dialogue between various grad students, where they can discuss various challenges and impediments to their research.

The report outlines the budget and various aspects of the conference. We aren't sure yet as to how much we should ask for travel grants -- it depends on where everyone is coming from. The honorarium as well will depend on who the speaker is.  

Please read the plan by Friday so that we can decide on how we'll proceed.   

3.4 Financial Report
We have just over $1400 in the bank after our party.   

3.5 Faculty Liaison Report
Nothing new on the DeBrou lecture front. It is officially on March 4, Katya requires a reimbursement for the booking fee/deposit ($60). There is a department meeting tomorrow.  

4.0 Old Business

4.1 Cocktail Party
For the cocktail party we need to decide what we're serving. Jessica has provided a number of ideas of what we can do. We'll be serving three different ones (toasted almost, gin and tonic, hot buttered rye). Non-alcoholic beverages will be available for those who don't drink.  

White and red wine will also be available. We're going to serve pizza, crackers/cheese, olives (cocktail-ish type food) if the budget permits.

Erin will bring some decorations (Xmas tree, ornaments, etc.). Others will bring Christmas music.   

Cynthia moves that the budget be increased by $100 for the party. Seconded by Erin. All in favour.    

4.2 PhD Workshop
Faculty club boardroom is booked for 2PM-3PM this Friday, and food will be there. Glenn says that everything is ready to go and Marc will be sending his paper to him tonight.

 5.0 Other Business
Dustin was wondering what we could do about this room. It is kind of sad, full of old dusty books and crammed with computer equipment that nobody uses. But we can't really do anything with the room because the department needs the computers and other things. We will do a visual audit of the room and make suggestions to the department as to what we can do.  
Merle Massie is having a book launch at McNally Robinson, 7PM this Thursday on her healthcare book with C. Stuart Houston.   

We need to update the blog in order to reflect the upcoming events and make sure our information is up-to-date (PhD workshops, social events, etc.). Dustin will have a link from the old website put there to direct people to our new site.

Cynthia was unable to find a bakery that could do diabetic cakes in Saskatoon; we might have to find something else to do.

With regards to the new hires and the hiring process, we need a volunteer to be the point person for the grad students. We need as many students as possible to show up so that we can have as informed of an opinion as possible. Interviews for the Aboriginal history position will likely be in January. Katya will let everyone know once she has more details on it.    

6.0 Adjournment
Michelle motioned to adjourn the meeting, Laura seconded, all in favour.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:57PM.

Next Meeting January 2014

HGSC Meeting Agenda November 12, 2013
Louis Loft 1:30pm

1.0 Welcome
Erin Spinney opened the meeting at 1:30PM.

2.0 Approve Minutes
Minutes need to be amended in order to reflect that Jessica and Anne were missing. Proposed by Erin, seconded by Laura, all in favour.  

3.0 New Business

3.1 Financial Report
Dustin says that the HGSC made about $250 at the Halloween party. He isn't sure how much is currently in the bank but will be discussing online banking with Affinity.

3.2 GSA Report
Minutes haven't been posted yet for the GSA meeting; Laura was not present during the meeting due to comps. A professional auditor will be brought in, supposedly; Fedir and Laura are to ask about last year's and this year's audit at the next GSA meeting.

3.3 Christmas Cocktail Party, Friday December 6
Erin congratulated everyone for passing comps. For the Xmas cocktail meeting, we will have a choice of a few drinks (with the exception of beer) which people can have. If guests want something else they can bring it. The party will be held at Jessica's apartment at 6:00PM. Dress will be semi-fancy. Frances suggested olives, cheese, and crackers for food. It'll be called a "Cocktail party" so that we don't offend anyone.

Jessica moved that $200 be allocated for the party, with Michelle seconding. All in favour for the motion.

 3.4 PhD Workshops

3.5 Online Presence Workshop (Frances)
Frances would like to hold a workshop where we talk about how we should be marketing ourselves online. The workshop would be held in February or the end of January. It could be about things such as how to set up your own website, etc. Frances has talked to Merle Massie and we could also talk to Jim Clifford about it, or Kelly Butler. Kelly thinks that the U of S server has room for different students to have their own websites on it; Frances will look into it.  

Frances  moves that the workshop be held on Thursday, February 6. She will look after organizing stuff with Jessica. Laura seconds the motion, all in favour. Frances voices her enthusiasm!   

3.7 Faculty Liaison report
Katya is not present but she has written a report. The DeBrou lecture is confirmed for March 6, a 7:00PM, Frances Morrison library. Erika Dyck will be giving the lecture; the title has yet to be confirmed. Katya will contact the library and confirm the date.

The full schedule for the hiring talks has been distributed to students. The department would very much like that we be present for the process. Frances has received an email about the position but not everyone got it apparently; Erin will talk to Frances and make sure that everyone is up to speed.

The reason that all of us have to go is that at the end of the process, we are to submit a report with our recommendations to the department.   

4.0 Old Business

4.1 Research Blog posts
Erin says that we need posts for the research blog as Jessica is currently overrepresented there. People should submit their posts to Frances or Erin. Any good ideas or notes are encouraged.

4.2 History Clothing
Erin has looked into clothing; we have to tell them what we are interested in having. Among the things we're interested in:
- fitted t-shirts
- polo shirts
- hoodies or bunny hugs
- socks
- toques

Erin will be going to a number of stores (Imagine That, Blue Water(?)) on Idylwyld, Broadway, and Quebec Avenue and will get back to us.   

4.3 Mentoring
If you would like to be a mentor, please talk to Erin; that way we can tell the department who is interested in mentoring future potential students. If you want you can specialize in something (i.e., where to live, what's good about the university, the city, etc.). If you could also indicate what experience you have (life experience, school experience, international knowledge and experience, etc.) and we can match you up with someone appropriate.

4.4 Conference
Keewatin is officially over; the department is no longer interested and Manitoba says there isn't enough interest. This has left us with some money; it was noted at the department meeting that there was a significant amount of money allocated by the department every year which wasn't used. The money that doesn't go to Keewatin will now go to the HGSC and the funding will continue every year until further notice.

Some of the ideas at the department meeting were:
- having our own conference
- having a fund for conferences for students to travel

The HGSC is more in favour of having our own conference than in setting up a conference travel fund.

We'll work on planning our own conference then, slated to take place in May -- Erin proposes the 16th to the 18th (Friday to Sunday). The Call for Papers should go out by the end of this week or next week, and Erin proposes (Cynthia seconds) to begin the process of booking a room, in addition to finding out how much our budget will be. 

4.5 Graduate Student Profiles
Please submit your profile information to Martha Smith-Norris and make sure that your dissertation description is limited to five to seven lines.  

5.0 Other Business
5.1 Amy Samson's Report
Dustin explained to the HGSC that Amy Samson is currently writing a report on the successes and outcomes of the history graduate program and was wondering if she could use the HGSC minutes and records from our archives. Dustin moves that Amy be allowed to do so; Michelle seconds, motion adopted unanimously.  

6.0 Adjournment
Glenn moved that the meeting be adjourned at 2:20PM; seconded by Laura. Motion adopted unanimously.  

Next Meeting Dec. 2nd 2013 

Meeting of the HGSC Executive
October 1, 2013
1:40PM, Louis' Loft

Present: Laura, Michelle, Erin, Katya, Fedir, Dustin, Glenn, Cynthia
Absent: Frances Reilly, Robert Nicks, Jessica, Anne

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Approve Minutes

Cynthia moves that the minutes from last meeting (September 10) be accepted. Michelle seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

3.0 New Business
3.1 History clothing
Erin will look into having history clothing. Nobody opposes the idea.

3.2 GSA Report
The GSA is looking into the UPASS refunds. Currently the big thing at the GSA is filling some vacant positions such as VP Finance and VP Student Affairs. The positions are being covered temporarily. It has yet to be seen if it will be a full executive.    

Next GSA meeting is October 10. All of our representatives will be present at the meeting.  

4.0 Ongoing Business

4.1 Halloween Party
Grad commons is booked for November 1st. We need a cheque made out to the GSA for $100 (Dustin to bring a signed cheque the day of the event and Erin or Cynthia will sign).

Dustin moved to allocate $300 for the party. Laura seconds. Motion approved unanimously.  

4.2 Graduate Student Profiles
If you haven't submitted your profile, please do so to Frances Reilly. Erin has discussed with Martha Smith-Norris and it has passed the grad committee; now the department will discuss it.

Fedir suggests that we discuss with the department to make sure that faculty profiles are also up to date as many of them are not.   

4.3 Research Blog Posts
Erin will be sending out another request that people provide blog posts for research. Pretty much anything remotely related to research is acceptable, along with pictures, etc.  

4.4 History Pub Nights
Next Friday will be another pub night at the Yard and Flagon, 5-7PM.

4.5 MA Colloquium
The Diefenbaker Centre is booked for February 25, 8:30AM-4:30PM for the colloquium. We are going to run it like a conference. There are seven second-year MA students who will present papers. We will ask a faculty member to chair it, but it may end up being a PhD student.

Lunch will be provided and after the colloquium we will go to Louis' for refreshments. In December or end of November we will send out an email to ask students for the title/topic of their presentation.

4.6 De Brou Lecture (Katya)
Erika Dyck will be doing the lecture on a eugenics-related topic. She is open to suggestions regarding specific times and dates.

We will suggest Tuesday, March 4th to Erika, starting at 6:30PM (Frances Morrison library closes at 8PM).

5.0 Varia
5.1 Office Space
Dustin wants everyone to know that the administration is looking to maybe cut back on History grad student offices as they are in need of space for English graduate students. Katya will look into it for the HGSC.

Glenn wants the committee to know that a GSA rep dropped by his office to ask if anyone is interested in a position as GSA academic advisor.

6.0 Adjournment
Michelle moved to close the meeting, Erin seconded. Motion adopted. Next meeting at November 5, 2013, at 1:30PM, Louis' Loft.

Meeting of the 2013-2014 HGSC Executive
Louis' Loft, University of Saskatchewan
September 10, 2013

Members present: Dustin McNichol, Erin Spinney, Fedir Razumenko, Cynthia Bottomley, Jessica DeWitt, Glenn Iceton, Frances Reilly, Katya MacDonald, Michelle Desveaux, Anne Janhunen, Laura Larsen.

Members absent: Robert Nicks 

1.0 Welcome and Opening remarks

President Erin Spinney opened the meeting at 1:33PM.

2.0 New Business

2.1 Meeting schedules
Erin suggested that we make arrangements to hold regular HGSC meetings. Meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30PM at Browser's (aka Louis' Loft), with next meeting to be held on Tuesday October 1.

2.2 Welcome BBQ/Thanksgiving Party
The HGSC Welcome BBQ will be held at Michelle, Laura, and Anne's place on Sunday, September 15 at 4:00PM.

"Half-Prices Candy Party" to be held on Friday, November 1, GSA Commons, 5:00-8:00PM, then party to be moved to The Woods.  

2.3 GSA Ratification
The GSA reps and Vice-President have to fill out the GSA form and return it to Erin. First GSA meeting on September 25, at the GSA. Training starts at 3PM to learn Roberts' Rules of Order.

2.4 Dave De Brou Lecture
The Dave De Brou lecture will ideally be held this winter given everyone's schedule. J.R. Miller did last year's lecture, and Simonne Horwitz, Jim Handy, Valerie Korinek, Bill Waiser, did them the years previous.

Erika Dyck is a good choice. Jim Clifford could do the lecture as well. Katie Labelle could do a lecture on a First Nations topic. Booking the library is easy, Frances Morrison Public Library is the name.

We have to keep in mind that this is a public lecture and the content/theme should fit accordingly.

2.5 Christmas Party
Last year's Christmas Party fell apart at the last minute last year because of the department layoffs and general administrative upheaval.

Erin thinks that Christmas may not be the best time to have a party since everyone is really busy. Jessica will host a cocktail party (an "Informal Cocktail Extravaganza"), something low-key, on December 6, at 6PM. 

We will have a formal New Years party as a fundraiser on Friday, January 10 at Marquis Culinary Centre; we can have a cash bar. Erin will email everyone the details about costs, logistics, etc.

2.6 Intramural Volleyball
Jessica asked if anyone is interested in co-ed rec volleyball. She sent out a message on Facebook. Six people are needed per game, schedule is posted online (games are once a week). Jessica will be captain. Only five people are interested as of right now, so we need more players in order for the team to be viable. Suggestions for names can be sent to Jessica.

2.7 Mentorship Program
It has been suggested to the HGSC that we put into place a mentorship program in order to help new graduate students transition to the program, campus, life in Saskatoon, etc.

Committee agrees that this is a good idea. We will set up students who are interested in a mentor with people who want to volunteer.

3.0 Old Business from 2012-2013 Year

3.1 Banking Set Up
Dustin McNichol (Secretary-Treasurer), Erin Spinney (Pres), and Cynthia Bottomley (VP) have to arrange for signatures with the bank so that we can release/deposit funds.

Michelle Desveaux (Social Director) will also be an alternate if the need should arise.

Two pieces of ID are needed for the meeting with the bank.  

Motion by Glenn Iceton that Dustin McNichol, Erin Spinney, and Cynthia Bottomly, with Michelle Desveaux as alternate, will be signing officers for the HGSC bank account for the 2013-2014 year. Motion seconded by Jessica DeWitt and ratified unanimously by the executive.  

3.2 Blog/Department Website
Erin has created a Blogspot blog for the HGSC which will act as the new website. People should feel free to make posts on the blog. Glenn suggests that we aim for one blog post every week or so. 

Jessica has created   hgsc.usask@gmail.com  as the HGSC email address. She will also be putting together a twitter account for the HGSC.

Motion by Frances Reilly that the HGSC suggest to the Graduate Chair that graduate student profiles be included under "People" on the Department of History Website. This would include photos, research interests, profiles, ongoing projects, past graduates and what they are doing, etc.

Motion seconded by Jessica and passed unanimously by the executive.

3.3. Minutes/Amendment to Constitution
There are a couple of problems with the minutes. Firstly they have to be posted online within a week of the meeting. With the site under renovations this is tricky. Also, generally minutes from previous meetings are sent around before subsequent ones for everyone's review and approval.

Erin suggests that we amend the constitution so that minutes from earlier meetings be circulated to executive members before the next meeting for approval. She will circulate the amendment by email and we will have a vote on it. Once the wording of the amendment is agreed upon we will put it to a vote.

4.0 Varia

4.1 Welcome BBQ
To be potluck...Dustin and Jessica to bring charcoal grills as backup for Carlson's bbq.

4.2 MA Colloquium
Cynthia to contact Professor Smith-Norris regarding the MA colloquium...

4.3 PhD Workshops
Frances will give info to Anne re: PhD workshops

4.4 Discussion with Martha Smith-Norris about various topics
Erin will do this

4.5 Keewatin
As of now, dead in the water. We should talk with the Manitoba students in the future. We may host a conference in spring 2014.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:34PM.

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