Monday, 24 March 2014

GSA Research Conference Follow Up

Seven graduate students from the Department of History presented at the Graduate Research Conference held at the U of S on March 6-8.

The History of Medicine panel:                                                  


Fedir Razumenko "Medical Research Involving Humans in Canada since 1950: Human dignity in Theory and Practice

Erin Spinney "Military Nursing in Eighteenth Century Britain"

Frances Reilly "Curing Sexual Deviancy in the Cold War"

 Amy Samson "Eugencis in Alberta

Lunch Break:

Past History for Present Events:

 Glenn Iceton "Reviving, Reshaping, and Recontextualizing Yesterday's News"

  Jessica DeWitt "Provincial and State Park History"

 Laura Larsen "Grain and Trains"

More picutres are available here.

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