Saturday, 1 March 2014

MA Colloquium Follow Up

This past Tuesday seven second-year MA students presented their work at the MA Colloquium.  Thank you to Cynthia Bottomley for organizing the event.

Claire Thomson:
"'The glory years': The Establishment of the Lakota at Wood Mountain, 1880-1894"

Myles Shingoose:
"Within the Ranks: The Cherokee Third Indian Homeguard in the Union Army During the US Civil War"

Robert Nicks:
"Adventurers and Opportunists; the Social Credit Party in the Saskatchewan election of 1938"

Scott Silver:
"Is Electoral Democracy Compatible with Revolution?: Strategic Divergence amongst the Guatemalan Opposition in the 1960s"

Dallas Posavad:
"Making it in the Margins: Captain John Swalis and the New World Order"

Matt Gravlin:
"The Biopolitics of Liberal Colonialism in India"

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